Vladimir Dimitrijević

Vladimir Dimitrijević

PhD Vladimir Dimitrijević was born in 1969 in Čačak, Serbia, where he finished elementary school and the Grammar School. He graduated from the Department of Serbian Language and Literature, and World Literature at the Belgrade University’s Faculty of Philology. He obtained his PhD in 2016, having defended a doctoral thesis titled “Vladimir Vujić as an author, criticist and polemicist in the context of literary processes between the two world wars.” Since 1991, he has been actively involved in the Orthodox Christian Missionary School (at the Church of St. Alexander Nevsky) and the Faith Charity Stewardship of the Archbishopric of Belgrade and Karlovci, as an organizer of lectures and the missionary work. He teaches Serbian language and literature at the Grammar School in his hometown Čačak. He has held more than a hundred lectures about destructive religious sects. He is an author and editor of a number of books and editions, including: “Orthodox Christianity and Sects 1–7”, “Harry Potter and the Hunt for Children’s Souls”, “Deliver Us from Evil – Orthodox Christianity and Witchcraft”, “Prison Guards of Souls”, “If There Is No God, Then Everything Is Allowed”, “The Greatest Serb After St Sava – A Book About Bishop Nikolai”, “How Great God Is In His Saints”, “Orthodox Christianity and Challenges of the 21stCentury.” He has been a member of the Association of Serbian Writers since 2002.

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